We are Alessandra and Paolo, a young italian couple with a strong passion for food, wine and craft beer. We started our project in an easy way: with just an Instagram account.

Good Tastes Around is our idea to share the best experiences around gastronomic world.

We grew up in Piedmont, one of the best regions in Italy for enogastronomy, and there during our childhood we’ve learned everything about the most typical food of our land.

Now, Alessandra is a sommelier and is studying at the University of Gastronomic Science in Pollenzo (Slow Food) and Paolo, the craft beer lover of the couple, has finished a Master in Food&Wine Communication led by Gambero Rosso.

On this site and in our Facebook and Instagram pages you will find every good tastes we find around.

We would be happy to share everything with you also in personalized tours.
Visit this page for more info or contact us at goodtastesaround@gmail.com!

We trust in good tastes for a good life. And you?

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